BIMrx Cloud Manager

Cloud-based BIM 360 Project Management

The BIMrx Cloud Manager allows BIM360 Administrators to quickly and easily add and manage projects. Users can add documents to new and existing projects within a designated folder structure as well as display folders, documents and versions for specified projects. This information can then be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for reporting and collaboration.

Tasks like bulk project creation, file uploads and user creation are streamlined, and browsing is available for both local and cloud-based assets. The BIMrx Cloud Manager is essential for full network synchronization between designer hard drives and BIM 360. If you are responsible for managing BIM 360 Users and or projects, BIMrx Cloud Manager is for you.

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  • BIM 360 Automation

  • Hybrid Browsing

  • Custom folder structure

  • Bulk project creation

  • Export to Excel

  • Upload to projects

  • Add Multiple Users

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