Elevate Revit Project, Data & Document Management

Tailored for streamlining Autodesk Revit workflows, BIMrx Core improves project setup, data/model management and documentation processes for all disciplines.

This native integration is developed for project stakeholders seeking to reduce the low-value processes associated with BIM project delivery. BIMrx Core speeds up data entry and management then produces documentation for collaboration with Revit and non-Revit users alike.

From creating, duplicating, and placing views via Microsoft Excel to selecting linked elements and creating a counterpart in an active document, BIMrx Core maintains a variety of time-saving features that allow users to focus on transformation and innovation throughout their business.

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BIMrx Core Commands and Features

Manage revisions on sheets with Revision Manager

Import and Link with Imprint

Selections Based on Revit Filters

Sheet View Manager


File Renamer

Scope Box Manager

Extract & Update from Excel

Create Table

Find & Replace


Adv Parameter Manager

Parameter Transfer

Tag Select

Section Creation

Elevation Creation

Move to Nearest

Export NWC

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BIMrx Core

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