Drive efficiency with drafting and parameters

One of the biggest challenges for MEP engineers and designers is the number of views and sections required to accurately model duct and pipe. Keeping track of these areas can slow down a Revit model and can create confusion by the modeling team. BIMrx MEP solves this challenge by providing a set of tools to model in a single 3D view. A user can accurately layout both horizontal and vertical runs of ductwork and piping with the same parametric abilities as before.

When performing system calculations in Revit, it’s critical to be able to isolate and select the elements associated with a system. BIMrx MEP allows users to see and manage Revit MEP systems through a “single pane of glass,” clearing any uncertainty about which objects are associated with a system. Combined with BIMrx Core for Excel input/output capabilities, working with TRACE™ and other analysis applications becomes a breeze.


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