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How Microdesk’s Co-Innovation Lab
can drive digital transformation in
the wider organization and
project delivery.

Through our Co-Innovation Lab, we aim to increase knowledge and understanding that fosters innovation, adaptivity, and value to the AECO industry.

Jointly delivering innovation to the industry.

Our Co-Innovation Lab structure enables us to Co-Research, Co-Create, and support the network of clients and industry experts.

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Jointly delivering innovation to the industry.

We Co-Research with organizations globally, within the industry and cross-sectors. Our expertise covers a full range of research services related to product trials, observational studies, workflows and data analysis, and research grants. Additionally, our services can be customized according to your requirements through close cooperation and continuous dialogue with clients and market trends.

We Co-Create new value (concepts, solutions, products and services) together with experts and/or stakeholders, such as industry experts, universities, and research establishments. By Co-Creating we enable collaborative innovation in which ideas are shared and improved together.

With our aim to support the industry, it is key that sharing ideas increases interaction, creativity, collaboration and problem solving. We engage and communicate our findings through various mediums, and we often collaborate with other industry experts and thought leaders on our common drive and our findings.

  • This includes webinars, forums, publication, panel discussion,
    podcast, white papers and reports.

When we collaborate, we accelerate the industry further together.

Our Co-Innovation Lab’s mission helps our clients and industry envision a better future and get there successfully. We aim to help organizations leverage design, build, and operating power to generate innovative solutions that augment real transformation.

Our Lab Co-Develops a strategic phased journey with our clientele. Focused on developing high-level strategic journeys on Digital Transformation with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners, and on supporting the industry in Co-Researching, Co-Creating and Co-Implementing market demands such as Net-Zero Objectives.

Integrated Digital Delivery


Module 1

We will work with your firm’s leadership to assess and refine the overall business strategy, management aptitude and leadership style.


Module 2

From the top-down we will begin to look at the organizational structure in terms of roles and responsibilities, skills and attitude, and training and education. The goal of this stage is to create a culture of innovation throughout your firm.


Module 3

As the organization begins it’s transformation, our team will start to look at technical capabilities. We will ensure your firm is outfitted with the latest in AEC hardware, software and cloud connectivity, then provide ongoing technical support for continued success.


Module 4

With a foundation of cultural innovation and technology in place, the Co-Innovation Lab can focus on high-level initiatives including process change strategies, BIM implementation management, in-depth data analysis and policy enhancements.

Digitally transformed organizations realign and integrate people, data and processes together to create a more efficient organization; this allows for a higher level of customer experience which helps retention and rapid growth. These companies are well-known and are rapidly advancing to the forefront of a highly competitive market.

  • Our Co-Innovation Lab consultants are highly experienced and will help our clients achieve their business transformation goals.

  • The Co-Innovation Lab looks top-down and bottom-up, focusing on strategic business objectives while remaining technologically innovative.

  • We will take our clients’ organizations on a journey that will reimagine it, changing the mindset seamlessly and accelerating it into the future.

  • High-level objectives are analyzed through the Co-Innovation Lab Integrated Delivery Readiness Level (IDDRL).

IDD for Sustainability

Our Co-Innovation Lab consultants understand how IDD can help to streamline sustainability at three key stages – design, build and operation:

When design data is added to a shared BIM model, those involved in the project have access to real-time summaries of the proposed products and materials, how they will be installed, and the end cost.

BIM facilitates real-time collaboration and simulations to allow any step of the process to be reviewed and amended, saving time, improving efficiency, enhancing design, and reducing errors and potential environmental impact.

Since all data concerning replacements, refurbishment and renewals are readily available; all stakeholders can eliminate the surprises as the completed project continues to thrive.

Services provided by the Co-Innovation Lab regarding BIM for Sustainability include, but are not limited to:

We support owners to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to set clear goals and objectives for all project stakeholders engaged in the project. Identifying information requirements and bridging the gap will serve as a solid foundation to support advanced data utilization and analysis for predictive and real-time analysis and monitoring.

We leverage advanced AI and ML technologies to ensure data quality and consistency, bypass the tools’ limitations and restrictions, serve as a central data repository throughout the asset lifecycle, and streamline data flow interoperability from design to the operational stage.

We aim to co-research and develop strategies to reduce energy demand through passive design. This includes (but not an exhaustive list) optimizing orientation, form, shading, and a fabric-first approach (façade U-values, glazing, etc.) that minimize the demand for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. In addition, we investigate and integrate renewable energy where applicable and low carbon systems’ design by supporting organizations to review and perform internal analysis from day one.

We support organizations to leverage tools and investigate and implement workflows for predictive analysis to co-develop strategies to reduce embodied carbon through design choices. This includes evaluating information requirements for existing carbon analysis, carbon-sequestering analysis, design intent for materials analysis, minimizing material transfer, and much more to reduce a project’s carbon footprint.

We support organizations to leverage tools to analyze the impact of the siteworks. After an analysis of the impact from a virgin site or a developed site, we investigate and co-research with organizations to co-innovate solutions to promote sustainable sites. This includes working with an organization to develop strategies for hydro analysis, site utilization, investigate soils, flora, fauna for carbon impact. Data is then utilized for informed decision making.

The BIM process is expanded to include the components and data elements required for Sustainability.

Lifecycle Assessment and Costing
Digital Twin Readiness + Implementation
Information Requirements
pSite Performance Analysis
pSite Building Performance Analysis
pSite Carbon Performance Analysis
pBuilding Systems Performance Analysis
Better Information Modeling Management (BIMM)

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