2020-21 Cloud Award for Best Hybrid Cloud Solution

Enterprise-Level Cloud Storage for AEC

Panzura’s revolutionary global cloud storage solution seamlessly combines the flexibility, performance, and productivity benefits of distributed storage with the manageability, security, and cost benefits of centralized storage, overcoming fundamental “administrator vs. user” and “budget vs. performance” conflicts.

In response to the specific needs of the construction sector, Panzura developed a bespoke architecture to support collaboration using large files from 3D model files up to large CGI and videos. Special attention has been paid to the support of Autodesk Revit central file to enable uninterrupted and real-time collaboration within the project teams. Additionally, a dedicated infrastructure ensures prompt and quick synchronisation of large files.

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What You Get With Panzura

  • A single, authoritative location to support all company data, BIM collaboration and central design files.

  • Hybrid cloud storage manages large BIM files while maintaining performance with intelligent caching.

  • Patented, intelligent cloud synchronization every 60 seconds to manage versioning in popular BIM software.

  • Global file locking and real time updates that enhance BIM project collaboration regardless of location.

  • Military-grade cybersecurity helps protect you from ransomware.

  • Easily backup and restore with excellent disaster recovery and business continuity.

Panzura Solutions

Freedom Archive™

Single site solution to eliminate backup and archive, replace local NAS, or manage large data such as genomic and seismic data.

Freedom NAS™

Replace legacy NAS and consolidate data across any number of sites to modernize the data center while achieving local all-flash performance.

Freedom Collaboration™

Replace islands of storage, eliminate the impact of latency, and empower global users to collaborate in real-time.

Panzura Case Studies

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